Monday, September 13, 2010

Husband = downsized and working in a lesser capacity for a wage that can only be described as a pittance.

Daughter = Senior year, intimidating class schedule. We're meeting bi weekly to develop a budget

Boy A: Fine

Boy B: Fine

Me: LOL - that's what I really need to talk about. But I don't have any readers anymore so perhaps I should resurrect the old diary, and dip my quill in the ink.

Things are better with my mom, and way worse with my dad. My only grace is in knowing that my kids have a reasonable parent, two in fact, that they may interact with.

Today (tonight) I'm hanging up my scapegoat badge and all the accommendations that come with it. I fucking quit.

I don't want to be 80 years old, sucking O2 from a tube, and regretting the time I wasted pursuing parental acceptance.

Rachael is checking out.... and it will likely result in some tears. I'll be blogging more often starting today. Cheaper than therapy, and I'll probably be more honest in this forum anyway.

Let's dissect my brain and talk about it. I'll be back.

- As Always, Rachael