Saturday, February 13, 2010


If I commit typos, fuck you it's too late to apologize....

My clients love me and that feels good. Little sister is getting confirmed so I'm spending five hours on one the road - one way - to be there.

I'll wait until she's older to tell her that her big sister is an agnostic who thinks religion complicates the world more than it helps. But my sister is only 13.... my honest opinions can wait.

In the meantime, I'll come out unscathed by catholicism. I just hope my dad's nicer to her than he was to me. If not, at least she''ll know I give a shit and have the experience to empathize.

If the holy water burns my forehead, I'll reconsider. If my seat catches on fire, I might revisit some of my convictions. I know all the words, though... to this recited ceremony. I'll be able to blend. Hail some Mary full of grace... How come GOD only appears in tortillas and similarly innocuous places?

Destiny... shit, if I believed in pre-disposal I wouldn't even try! I might even kill myself to avoid the turmoil set forth by my forefatherly (and motherly) genetic donors. They don't suck, but I'm pretty sure they aren't playing with a full deck half the time.

I can't fault them for the challenges they've faced... but come ON... how much money does it take to realize that your problems run little deeper? Religion can't fix everything... actually, I'd argue against it in every case.

But I'm going to my little sister's confirmation nonetheless. She's just a kid. I even wrote a speech to encourage her. I don't reference religion in a direct way, I just want her to avoid the pitfalls of being financially gifted and lose her spirit (not to be confused with soul).

I'm gonna go take my clothes off and crawl in bed with my husband. Don't wait up. Oh baby, baby it's a wild world!

As Always... Rachael


Anonymous said...

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As Always, Rachael said...

Enjoy your doomsday, Mr. Anonymous. Stock up on canned goods and the call your doctor about your salienated diet and high blood pressure.

Paranoid folks die earlier than average. Old people are laughing at you. Have some fresh fruit and pipe down, pip-squeak.