Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello party people!!

And by "people" I mean the lovely and talented Jenny Rae!

The agency I signed with has a bonus package that I just now became aware of. It's offered to all new agents, and I have three choices:

1. Two free personalized yard signs, free open house signs, 1000 business cards, blank letterhead and other stationery, and three months free subscription to a proprietary database that's VERY useful. (I was going to subscribe anyway 'cause it's only $15.00/month).

2. $500.00 credit toward... anything. I can use the money the help cover any start-up expenses I have. Board fees, training fees, promotional materials.... anything!

Between options #1 and #2, I would lean toward #2... cash credits to use in any way I deem appropriate to launch my business... but there's a third option that has me thinking...

3. 94% commission for the first four months. That's 94% of any deals I close between now and the end of May. It's a gamble but....

I already have two listings. And if I can close either of them before May, the difference in commission will be about $800.00. BUT, even though the market's picking up, houses are still sitting for a while until the right buyer comes along.

It's time to play LET'S MAKE A DEAL! Which curtain would you guys choose? I'm ruling out #1 because I've already paid for some signs and business cards and I budgeted for those expenses without any expectations of being reimbursed.

Option #2 would be a guaranteed benefit. My initial board fees and training expenses will be right around $620.00... if I could knock that figure down to $120.00, I wouldn't complain.

Option #3 has the potential the unleash my inner shark, though. Whether I focus on listings or buyers, I'll get 94% of my half of the commission, and that's enticing. If I have a hand in a single sale, it'll be worth more than either of the other options... but if nothing happens, I've thrown away $500.00.

Too many choices. Ugh. I'm up too late. I really hope my training is cancelled tomorrow because of the extra foot of snow we got. It's still fucking snowing!

As Always... Rachael

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JRae said...

Option 2 is the sure bet. Option 3 is more of a gamble, but would pay off more than Option 2. I usually lean towards the more conservative choice, Dan would lean more towards the risk-taking one. Do whichever you're more comfortable with! :) You seem comfortable taking risks to me, but I could be wrong... :)